June 17, 2024

Can Your Density Meter Detect Explosives?

Can Your Density Meter Detect ExplosivesThe US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other law enforcement agencies use a density meter to help them locate contraband such as narcotics, illegal/prescribed drugs, cigarettes, weapons, currency, alcohol, jewelry, explosives and even radioactive material. The contraband may be hidden in locations that would be difficult and inaccessible to the naked eye. Fortunately, Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) makes the finest density meter today.

Before the advent of the high-tech density meters, a few decades ago agents had to do the best that they could with their eyes and bare hands while trying to locate hidden contraband. More often than not, they would tear away the material being inspected during the search, like cushions or at the back of the dashboard. More often than not the owner of the damaged items would get angry. They insisted the inspectors should have to pay for what they had done with their stuff. And what’s worse, the suspected contraband was not often found.

This mounting difficulty of the officers in locating hidden contraband led the federal government to request a device that would be able to eliminate the need to externally damage the material in order to determine whether or not it had something other than usual. They turned to Patrick J. Campbell, the founder of CSECO, because they were already aware of his experience in developing and designing devices that used radioactive technology. At that time Campbell already had created a soil density gauge. He then adopted the technology used for that gauge and developed the Buster K910B density meter, which was recently upgraded to the Buster K910G.

This tool detects the differences in density using the emission of the low-intensity gamma radiation, which reach to around 6 inches deep. The density of an everyday object is known, if the Buster’s reading does not match up with the expected number, more inspection is needed. CSECO also manufactures other contraband detection equipment which can be used together with the Buster such as the one-piece visual inspection tool, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System, for more effective searches.

The Buster also uses RAD-Aware technology, which is able to recognize the presence of radioactive materials. If a dirty-bomb or any radioactive leak is located, first responders can quickly establish a safe perimeter because they will be capable to determine the location where the radioactive contamination is and where it ends.

The Buster is able to scan through a variety of materials that include wood, metal, reinforced plastic, even dirt and water. While the Buster is being used, visual information isdisplayed on its integrated screen and an audible alarm also sounds.

Because of the Buster density meter and other contraband detection tools that use the most sophisticated technology, CBP agents and other law enforcement personnel have a much easier time in doing their job. Using such tools will result in a much lower failure rate than what was usual many years back. The Buster density meter helps the agents locate the presence of a hidden contraband and confiscate them, therefore keeping it off the streets.