July 13, 2024

Here’s What Makes the Buster K910G Stand Out Among Contraband Detectors

Here’s What Makes the Buster K910G Stand Out Among Contraband DetectorsTracking someone who had been suspected of transporting illegal drugs, narcotics or any other contraband used to be a stressful and often a frustrating job for law enforcement agents. For this reason, they needed to look for a reliable device to help them in detecting hidden contraband.

Fortunately, there’s Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) who has been providing contraband detection solutions for three decades and counting. CSECO is the most famous for the Buster K910G density meter, developed and created by Patrick J. Campbell with direct input from Customs and Border Patrol agents. Over the decades, the Buster has been instrumental in confiscating thousands of dollars’ worth of narcotics as well as cash, mostly from vehicles that have been stopped at border checkpoints.

While CSECO is no doubt proud of the Buster’s achievements, they do not even stop the company from improving its features. This leads to the launch of the newer Buster K910G density meter, the latest update of the original Buster K910B.

Like the K910B, the K910G uses the same technology – the low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector, which allows the Buster to make quick scan on vehicles or spaces suspected of carrying contraband inside. The Buster K910G, like the K910B, is designed in a way that it allows the user to determine whether a suspected object or area is tested positive for contraband in just a matter of minutes.

Unlike other contraband detectors that use other technologies such as millimeter wave, radio wave, ultra-violet and microwave, the Buster K910G can detect concealed items through a variety of materials – wood, metal, reinforced plastic, and even dirt. No need to tear down, take out or forcibly remove parts of the suspected object that’s being scanned.

The Buster K910G still features both visual and audible readouts, which allow the user to locate concealed narcotics, currency, weapons and explosives. You can also purchase the “Buster-On-A-Stick” telescoping pole to which you can attach the Buster. This accessory allows inspections on areas that were previously inaccessible. Apart from the audible alarm that sounds when contraband is found, it also has a liquid crystal display (LCD) reader which gives out a clear indication that contraband is present or not.

The RAD-Aware technology is one of the Buster’s recent technological enhancements. It is a radiation detection feature that can locate traces of radioactive material such as a dirty-bomb. Once the Buster sends out a warning to the user, he will set up safety perimeters to keep himself and the other people out of the possible dangers that radioactive leaks will bring.

The Buster K910G is now made safer because all its lead-based components have been removed, and the radioactive source is now 25% smaller than that of the most rival density meters on the market. These improvements make the Buster K910G the safest and most environmentally friendly density meter model ever!

Despite the coming of other density meters on the market, the Buster still stands out because of these reasons: its sophisticated technology, its user-friendliness, and most of all the positive results it has brought in countless inspection. These factors have made the Buster as the density meter of choice of most of law enforcement agents across the United States and even overseas. The positive reviews and recommendations from drug interdiction and anti-smuggling agents have earned the Buster K910G the distinction of being the “gold standard” in contraband detection.