July 13, 2024

Choose the Density Meter That Is Best for Drug Interdiction

Choose the Density Meter That Is Best for Drug InterdictionIf there are illegal drugs and narcotics (and the people who patronize them), the war on drugs will still be far from over. The challenge of combating against illegal drugs and narcotics is still big for drug interdiction agents, who strive to keep them from harming the society. They need tools, like the Buster Density Meter, to help them.  Perhaps you started out interested in robots as a hobby or other science related interests but density meter technology will amaze you.

In recent years, criminals have gotten smarter when transporting illegal drugs and narcotics across the border. They hide these drugs and other smuggled/stolen items even in places that you imagine the least, such as fuel tanks and even steering wheels. Because of this, law enforcement agents need a tool that will help them in locating and seizing contraband quickly, accurately, efficiently and safely.

With growing concerns towards occupational hazards that drug interdiction agents face, an increasing number of contraband equipment manufacturers is placing more emphasis on equipment safety nowadays. Not only they endeavor to come up with tools that will effectively locate hidden drugs and narcotics, but also tools that must be safe for users as well.

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is one of those manufacturers who has brought the latest and technology to come up with the most effective, most reliable and safest contraband detection tools in the market.

One of them is the Buster density meter, which was developed by CSECO founder Patrick J. Harris with significant input from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents during the early ’80s. They developed and tested the Buster on the field together to make sure that it would meet its effectiveness of locating hidden narcotics and contraband.

The Buster has a low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector to identify items that are hidden under different types of material – wood, metal, reinforced plastic, concrete, even dirt. The Buster makes sure that you don’t need to disassemble vehicle parts or tear down walls to know whether something is hidden in it – unless the tool positively confirms it.

Other contraband detectors that use technologies like the microwave, millimeter wave, ultraviolet wave and radio wave, have limited detecting capabilities. But the Buster can locate almost every hidden object – narcotics, cash, weapons, and a lot more. Its “backscatter” technology helps in detecting whether the suspected object has a density level that’s higher than normal. Just think of a hollow object, such as an inflated car tire, that is carrying something inside.

CSECO has now made the Buster not just better, but even safer to use. As a response to the drug interdiction agents who need a safer equipment no matter where they go, CSECO has updated the original Buster K910B to Buster K910G.

The Buster K910G now has no lead-based components. Its radioactive source – 7.5 micro curie Barium 133 – is now 25% smaller than most of its nearest competitors. That makes the Buster the safest density meter in the market!

For those who are interested to purchase the Buster K910G, it’s highly recommended that you should get it straight from CSECO instead of third-party resellers. That way, you’ll receive authentic and reliable information about the Buster, as well as tips on how to properly maintain it, etc. Another advantage of purchasing the product from CSECO itself is the flexibility in terms of transactions. In addition to offering on-site training for clients who have purchased the Buster, CSECO also offers complete and reliable maintenance on the product if it encounters some issues.

The Buster has been instrumental in detecting, locating, and seizing millions of dollars’ worth of narcotics and other types of illegal substances for over 30 years since its launch. Nothing else comes close to the Buster Density Meter‘s superior performance – little wonder it deserves the tag as the “gold standard” of drug interdiction equipment.