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Here’s What Makes the Buster K910G Stand Out Among Contraband Detectors

Tracking someone who had been suspected of transporting illegal drugs, narcotics or any other contraband used to be a stressful and often a frustrating job for law enforcement agents. For this reason, they needed to look for a reliable device to help them in detecting hidden contraband.

Fortunately, there’s Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) who has been providing contraband detection solutions for three decades and counting. CSECO is the most famous for the Buster K910G density meter, developed and created by Patrick J. Campbell with direct input from Customs and Border Patrol agents. Over the decades, the Buster has been instrumental in confiscating thousands of dollars’ worth of narcotics as well as cash, mostly from vehicles that have been stopped at border checkpoints.

While CSECO is no doubt proud of the Buster’s achievements, they do not even stop the company from improving its features. This leads to the launch of the newer Buster K910G density meter, the latest update of the original Buster K910B.

Like the K910B, the K910G uses the same technology – the low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector, which allows the Buster to make quick scan on vehicles or spaces suspected of carrying contraband inside. The Buster K910G, like the K910B, is designed in a way that it allows the user to determine whether a suspected object or area is tested positive for contraband in just a matter of minutes.

Unlike other contraband detectors that use other technologies such as millimeter wave, radio wave, ultra-violet and microwave, the Buster K910G can detect concealed items through a variety of materials – wood, metal, reinforced plastic, and even dirt. No need to tear down, take out or forcibly remove parts of the suspected object that’s being scanned.

The Buster K910G still features both visual and audible readouts, which allow the user to locate concealed narcotics, currency, weapons and explosives. You can also purchase the “Buster-On-A-Stick” telescoping pole to which you can attach the Buster. This accessory allows inspections on areas that were previously inaccessible. Apart from the audible alarm that sounds when contraband is found, it also has a liquid crystal display (LCD) reader which gives out a clear indication that contraband is present or not.

The RAD-Aware technology is one of the Buster’s recent technological enhancements. It is a radiation detection feature that can locate traces of radioactive material such as a dirty-bomb. Once the Buster sends out a warning to the user, he will set up safety perimeters to keep himself and the other people out of the possible dangers that radioactive leaks will bring.

The Buster K910G is now made safer because all its lead-based components have been removed, and the radioactive source is now 25% smaller than that of the most rival density meters on the market. These improvements make the Buster K910G the safest and most environmentally friendly density meter model ever!

Despite the coming of other density meters on the market, the Buster still stands out because of these reasons: its sophisticated technology, its user-friendliness, and most of all the positive results it has brought in countless inspection. These factors have made the Buster as the density meter of choice of most of law enforcement agents across the United States and even overseas. The positive reviews and recommendations from drug interdiction and anti-smuggling agents have earned the Buster K910G the distinction of being the “gold standard” in contraband detection.

Which Contraband Detection Tools Get Results?

When it comes to contraband detection tools, you can always rely on Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO). It is the home of the world-renowned Buster density meter and the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System. Most law enforcement agencies, including the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), use CSECO’s products because they have seen them bringing excellent results from using them. But other than that, why should you choose CSECO’s tools for your job of eradicating drugs and smuggling?

The Buster density meter is CSECO’s first contraband detection tool to be launched, and also the first density meter for the purposes detecting hidden contraband. The first and original version is the Buster K910B, developed and designed by CSECO’s founder Patrick J. Campbell, with significant input from the CBP agents during the 1980s. Now, how many contraband detection tools that you can think of, which have been developed and designed with contributions directly from the largest federal law enforcement agency in the country?

Since then, the Buster has been used, trusted and recommended not only by the CBP but by other federal, state and national law enforcement agencies across the US. No other density meter could bring excellent results like the Buster does, as it helps in curbing the flow of narcotics, illegal drugs and smuggling. The Buster K910B has also been used in intercepting the flow of contraband at major checkpoints, airports, seaports, and terminals.

The success of the Buster lies with its state-of-the-art technology. It emits a low-intensity gamma radiation and a scintillation detector. The Buster can scan a wide range of objects made from different materials, be them metal, wood, reinforced plastic, concrete and organic matter like dirt and liquid. Inspectors can use the Buster in examining suspected items and areas such as vehicles (and its parts from the seating to dashboards to gas tanks, etc.), walls, ceilings and floors, furniture, container vans, and even over the soil. The Buster has tremendously helped in detecting and seizing a wide variety of contraband that includes narcotics, drugs (illegal or prescribed), cash, alcohol, jewelry, weapons, and explosives.

The Buster’s technology enables it to pick up four readings per second, allowing it to perform quick once-overs while maintaining accurate density readings. The low-intensity gamma rays penetrate into the materials being examined as deep as six inches. These rays reflect back to the Buster, which in turn goes to establish the density readings — this method is called “backscatter technology.” The moment the Buster detects a possible contraband hidden behind the suspected item, it alerts the user by sending both audible and visual alarms.

Apart from contraband, the Buster can also locate dangerous levels of radioactive material, thanks to its feature the RAD-Aware technology. When the Buster detects a dirty bomb or any other radioactive leaks, it alerts the user (the first responder) to move other inspectors and civilians out to safer areas and indicate where the safe zone is.

The Buster has helped in seizing billions of dollars worth of narcotics and any other type of contraband. It might be your all-in-one contraband detection tool, but the chances of success at locating more contraband will be enhanced by using CSECO’s other tools, notably the Perfect Vision V20 Videsocope Inspection System. It comes in one piece, which means it doesn’t need bothersome cables and other attachments — just use it as it is!

The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope has a 5-inch, multi-directional high-resolution color LCD display, which is big enough for the user to see the contents of a suspected item or area as he is inspecting it, without losing visibility of his immediate surroundings. Fiberscopes have an eyepiece which the user squints into, causing eye strain.

The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope features a thin shaft with a protective tungsten coating, which the user can insert into holes, crevices, and other smaller compartments which are suspected of hiding contraband. Since it doesn’t have fiber optic cables that most fiberscopes have, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope doesn’t easily break, thus saving you money and time from taking it for repairs.

The large LCD monitor also features a push-button dimming and image resolution which is 10 times that of a leading fiberscope. It also features a slot for external storage which can save up to 8,000 photographs or six hours of video evidence.

But the strongest reason why you should get the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope is its certification of safety from the Underwriters Laboratory, the leading name in product safety. This rating means that it can be used in risky and hazardous areas such as gas tanks — without disrupting, damaging the item being scanned, or causing harm to the user. Now, can you think of other visual inspection tools that have such certification?

You can always rely on CSECO for its durable, accurate, and reliable contraband detection tools which have kept their promise in bringing excellent results.

There Isn’t Much a CSECO Density Meter Can’t Detect

Among other hand-held density meters, the Buster K910G from Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) is the most widely trusted, used and recommended by several law enforcement agencies across the country.

The Buster K910G is the updated version of the famous Buster K910B. While the Buster K910G retains much of the K910B’s features, it also has remarkable differences and improvements.

The K910G uses the same low-intensity gamma radiation and scintillation detector that is used in the K910B. This same type of technology enables the interdiction officers to scan different types of materials like wood, metal, rubber, reinforced plastic, concrete, ceramic, even organic matter like dirt and water. This same type of technology enhances the Buster’s ability to detect any kinds of concealed contraband such as narcotics, illegal or prescribed drugs, cash, alcohol, weapons and explosives, among many others.

The Buster also has the ability to detect harmful amounts of radiation with its newest RAD-Aware technology. It enables the user to detect any radioactive leaks that could deter the health of other people and the environment. Once the Buster is able to locate the source of radiation with this type of technology, it enables first responders to establish safety parameters to keep other people out to safety.

Despite the Buster being hailed as the “gold standard” of contraband detection equipment since its launch, it has its own limitations. Not all hidden contraband can be accurately read by the Buster, and there are reasons why.

For instance, the Buster cannot scan a gas tank. It’s because the gasoline inside the tank makes the reading all the trickier. Often, interdiction officers would drain some of the gas from the tank so that the Buster could pick up more accurate readings, or scan every side of the tank or across the tank to make sure they’d get more consistent readings within a normal range. It requires a more experienced user to be able to tell the nuances in the readings.

In the Buster, the readings would typically rise higher than usual, which is clue that the suspected object as a contraband hidden inside it. But if the contraband contains lead, this will lead to abnormally lower readings in the Buster, often in single digits. Smugglers would encase the contraband item with a lead lining, or would apply lead plating or lining in cars or any other vehicle. These smugglers know that lead is a deterrent to accurate and consistent readings from contraband detection equipment like the Buster. Interdiction officers may also use the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System along with the Buster especially when scanning gas tanks.

But lead, once used to be seen as a handicap to the Buster’s readings, are now seen as helpful indicators. When the Buster’s readings are lower than average it provides a helpful clue that the hidden contraband might have been wrapped by a lead-based casing or lining.

The Buster K910G is equipped with a 7.5 micro curie source, which is at least 25% smaller than any competitor. It is also the world’s first density meter without the lead-based internal components which are present in the K910B, making inspections now safer.

The Buster Density Meter has been widely used, trusted and recommended by law enforcement agencies across the US. Despite the accolades it is getting, CSECO never stops in enhancing its features to make its performance better as well as make it more user-friendly and safer.