April 19, 2024

Buster K910B Density Meter Is Vital Contraband Detection Equipment

Buster K910B Density Meter Is Vital Contraband Detection EquipmentThe Buster K910B Density Meter, from CSECO is thought of as being the best density meter or “gold standard” of equipment used for contraband detection. It has been imitated by other manufacturers, but the Buster is equipment that most law enforcement and border patrol agents choose because of its reliability, incomparably high quality, and effectiveness.

In just ten minutes or even less, the Buster can scan a room of average size, on any type of material in which contraband can be hidden. The Buster K910B Density Meter scans a variety of surfaces such as metal, wood, and reinforced plastic without damaging them, or any substances concealed behind them.

Buster’s development rose from the combined input from CSECO and the US Customs and Border Protection in the mid 1980s. Their goal was to make the equipment as effective and reliable as it could be for law enforcement and border patrol agents, locally as well as internationally.

It is not easy to question the K910B Buster Density Meter’s fast results, reliability and accuracy. Plus, its base can be easily handled and gripped by your hands. It is also tough, sturdy, and extremely durable.

The Buster also has built-in technology – Rad-Aware – which allows officials to detect explosives. Once they are detected, first responders are able to establish a safe perimeter for agents, officers and civilians in case a dirty bomb detonates. This functionality increases the value and effectiveness of the Buster with law enforcement agents.

The Buster also features an external addition. It is called the “Buster-on-a-Stick” and has a remote display. The display allows agents to reach into the more narrow areas or areas that aren’t normally accessible or are not easily reached. The Buster display sits nearer to the handle grip, which allows users to view the screen and read it easily. This additional feature to Buster works best when inspecting a full tractor trailer. While unpacking inside and outside could take a number of hours, the Buster is able to detect anomalies easily and quickly, in any part of the load. Once the Buster confirms the presence of the contraband, officers and agents then know that it’s time to unpack the items to locate the contraband.

Imagine Customs and Border Protection agents and law enforcement officers working without the Buster. Contraband detection would be certainly more difficult and time-consuming which means more resources and manpower. A low intensity gamma radiation and scintillation detector, the Buster is perfectly suitable for making contraband detection easier and quicker for the law enforcement officers and border patrol agents. They need equipment such as the Buster because it detects contraband quickly and more accurately.

For over 30 years, the Buster has been trusted and recommended by those who use it. It consistently has a high reputation based on its accuracy, toughness and reliability. The Buster is a testimony of CSECO’s commitment to quality employed in its design of effective and reliable density meter and contraband detection.